Handfuls On Purpose Blessing Ministry

Handfuls On Purpose is a blessing ministry based on Ruth 2 in the Bible.  Handfuls of grain were left on purpose in the field to specifically bless and benefit the widow Ruth. We randomly choose one person or family in the church on the 1st Sunday of the month, and the church family surprises them with blessings. 

February 2018 Recipient - Gaynell Fox

March 2018 Recipient - Rodney Kanady

April 2018 Recipients - Pastor Gary and Madayln Minton - Celebrating 5 years as Associate Pastor at FBC Weston

May 2018 Recipient - Stephen Barnett - Celebrating 12 years as Minister of Music at FBC Weston

June 2018 Recipient - Emma Jackson

July 2018 Recipient - Johnny, Luann, and Sarah Beth Jackson

August 2018 Recipients - Hannah Taraba and Jacob Martin

September 2018 - Randy and Crystal Taraba

October 2018 - Mike and Debbie Reyno

November 2018 - Gary and Quanda Nichols

January 2019 - Maxie and Dorthea Mills

February 2019 - Sabrina, Carla, and Shawn Jamal

March 2019 - Corey, Whitney, and Lainey King

  December 2021  
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